Flowers in October

The calendar says October, end of October actually. As a Dane, it has been so great to experience sun, flowers and warm weather well into October here in the US. But the season is changing now. The spiced lattes are going in and the summer has to wait until next year. Last little summary image that states the changes: rose cut very short fit perfectly in my grey porcelain vase. The roses do their job well. But how about the vase?

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It is a low and wide porcelain vase in this very clear grey nuance. The texture is smooth but also very textual, as it is not glazed but rather water cut The designer is Ditte Fischer and I have a thing for her things.  Mugs, cups, bowls, milk-jugs …. anything really. The form and the texture are so tight, so precise and are so pleasant to the eye and the soul. And I haven’t even mentioned the colors. Fischer works within the very traditional Scandinavian color scheme white, grey and black. But in this universe white is a touch to the potty nuance.  Whenever I go to the shop in Copenhagen that color makes me feel like I am in the actual pottery.

Speaking of pottery, Fischer’s pottery is as Copenhagenish as it can get. All these handmade goodies are made and sold right in the middle of Copenhagen in a little pottery and shop located behind the busy main shopping area?  I like the thought of Copenhagen also being a place of creating art and design and keeping the old craft traditions alive. The Nordic simplicity is one of the hallmarks of Ditte Fischer’s unglazed porcelain pottery and gives my roses a place to shine.








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