Hi, I am Linda 

If you are anything like me, you are always on the look-out for inspiration and new ideas to try out in your life. You want new ways of getting things done, you want to add a little mindfulness and creativity to the way you live and you want to create a stable, calm and peaceful home base for you and your loved ones. Read on.

What’s in it for you?

Happiness!  Did you know that Danes have been named the happiest people in the world? Being a Dane myself, I have a pretty good idea of why that is. Surely we are not happy all the time, but we do create these little mindful breathing holes that will create a moment where you feel happy. It is the consistency of these moments that make the difference. After all  – is happiness a constant feeling? I think not. So let’s create more of those happy moments.

Me and us

I am from Denmark and currently living in the US.  My ongoing love affair with the US has really caught me by surprise ’cause I am so Danish. I  just like my home country and culture so much. But let me tell you: I love living here. The people, nature, the weather, the convenience, the grocery stores, The Montessori School my kids go to, the language, the easy small talk…. I could go on. This is the second time around circumstances in my life brought me to Raleigh, NC for an extended period of time.

I am also a mom and a wife. I love design, pottery, music, coffee, and yoga and I have a Masters of Arts in Danish. My professional career took me to the music industry. I did promotion for Warner Music for more than a decade. I have also had my own PR company for many years working primarily with lifestyle companies. Great places to work, but also crazy busy and with four! kids at home – survival is in the small things.  There you go! That’s me.


Giving into the Nordic ideas

My Scandinavian heritage is still present in my lifestyle, and I want to share thoughts and ideas that can make a difference in your life as well. Little things, easy steps. A slow movement toward a consistency of little breathing holes of happiness. Simplicity, sustainability and stilllebens (!) are my three navigating points to the consistency of the everyday happy moments. Obviously, love, family, friends, charity, art, education and so on are the big issues in our lives. But here on this blog, I want to give space to the small things in life, that also means the world.

Let’s talk

Hopefully, I can inspire you and you can inspire me back by leaving a comment to any of my blogs.