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Enjoy the Scandinavian style with bimonthly handpicked Scandinavian home decor and accessories.

To the Norlii community on the covid-19 situation: 

Our deliveries are continuing to ship. All boxes from Norlii are transported by cargo ships, and the delivery time will be longer than usual. But as they say: all good things take time. 


Being a small company, I am the only one involved in packing, and I follow all necessary precautions to ensure a clean packing facility.


In the US, we use USPS services. They are closely monitoring the situation and following strategies recommended by the CDC. 


Amid these troubling times, I pray you will all stay safe and that the world will unite to pass through.


Linda, Norlii

3-5 handpicked items

✓ New brands that you normally won’t find in the US

✓ Inspiring interior to create a perfect setting in your home

✓ Scandinavian style accessories like scarves, socks, beauty products, etc

✓ Sensing Scandinavia with eatable snacks, natural scented room diffuser

✓ A box that creates a happy environment in your life

✓ $69.95 + low flat shipping fee - every other month


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“ I have been thrilled with this box! Norlii has opened up the ideas of Scandinavian design in practical ways to add to my home decor….the uniqueness of this box and the quality of items are priceless.”
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