The style: 

Norlii is a Scandinavian subscription box. We love the mix between clean-lined Scandinavian design and softer, more organic and natural items to create a warm and harmonious home. We call it Nordic Living.

Our box' name is the subtraction of "Nordic" and "Living" - Norlii.  And Nordic Living is what we bring  you in the Norlii Box six times a year.


The Items

We include decor and lifestyle items that support the Nordic Living style: blankets, pillows, ceramics, scented candles, votives, and so much more. Please take a look in the blog posts to see our past boxes to get a sense of the items we will include. 

Tray from Norlii Copenhagen
Clean lined Scandinavian interior

The Materials

We include decor that is durable and timeless. The materials are typically natural, like stoneware, wood, wool, linen, seagrass. Often we mix in a more stringent design  of f.ex. metal.   box will typically have a theme that somehow connects to the season, but the pieces will also work across seasons. 

The Colors

The Norlii color palette focuses on these four basic colors: grey, white, charcoal, beige and sometimes also a splash of muted rose or soft blue or another color suited for the season; colors that are easy to incorporate into your home. 

April Norlii Box
Minimalistic design from Normann Copenhagen

The brands

We pick items from renowned Scandinavian/Nordic brands and designers. Some of the brands we work with are Normann Cph, Broste, Vipp, Dream of Sweden, Marimekko, Zone Denmark, House Doctor. The list is growing, and all of these brands represent modern Scandinavian interior style.

Founder Linda Hasselbach

About the Founder


My name is Linda, and I am the founder of Norlii. I was born and raised in Scandinavia, but I have also lived in Raleigh, NC, for five great years.


My goal is to bring beautiful and valuable decor and extra little treasures to from Scandinavia to our subscribers; a luxurious living and experience from another culture. 


I believe that the interior design of our homes is essential for our well-being. It matters how we live and decorate, and the right interior design can provide a lot of peace, joy, and energy in everyday life. 


It is not about the perfect home but about creating a home that feels good. 


Warm regards, 

Linda Hasselbalch

Master of Arts in Danish Culture