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What is Norlii?

Norlii is a Scandinavian subscription box that is sent directly from Scandinavia to you. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Norlii has access to authentic Scandinavian design brands and styles.


The items in a Norlii box are carefully picked out and matched so that each box represents a whole in function and aesthetics. We have a new theme for each box.


What is the Norlii style?

The Scandinavian style is simple and creates an elegant coziness. By creating a harmonious home based on the Scandinavian formula

you create a place you can recharge and relax.


1) Nature

Create a connection to nature by inviting it indoors: use natural materials such as ceramics, wood, skins, candles, cotton, wool, and linen. Nature is your sanctuary.


2) Simplicity

The simple line design and no-clutter manifestation help create an elegant and calm home. By maintaining consistency in the interior style, it will appear as an eye-catching whole that feels good.


3) Hygge

The Scandinavian decoration originates from the cold north and favors natural sunlight through large windows, a natural light that warms your soul. And then, when the sun goes down, you see flickering candles and soft pillows; pure coziness and hygge.


We know the brands, the market, and the style; let us help you create your own Scandinavian home.

About the Founder


My name is Linda, and I am the founder of Norlii and a born and raised Scandinavian. I have lived in Raleigh, NC, for five years and loved it. One thing I missed, though, was the Scandinavian aesthetics. I mostly missed somewhere to get inspiration and to shop beautiful items for my home. I love how little decor items can refresh the feeling of home and set a tone.  I looked everywhere for a store that understood my need for minimalist designs, an essential urge to bring nature indoors, and the high quality of every item I bring to my home.  My goal is to bring the essence of the Scandinavia style to the warm and embracing US. It's a perfect match. 


Warm regards, 

Linda Hasselbalch

Master of Arts in Danish Culture



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