About Norlii & the Style

What is Norlii?

Norlii is a Scandinavian subscription box service. We curate Scandinavian home interior and lifestyle items and send them to you. Most of our customers are from the US. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, we have access to all the authentic Scandinavian design brands and styles.

What is the Norlii style?

The Scandinavian style is unique and celebrated for the elegant, simple line, high quality, and magnificent coziness we call Hygge. 

The essential components we love to capture in all boxes are: 


1) Nature

Nature is present in the Scandinavian interior. Natural materials such as ceramics, wood, wool, cotton, linen, and candles are classics in the Scandinavian interior. Nature looks and feels fantastic.


2) Simplicity

The simple line design and love for soft textiles help create an elegant and relaxed home. We aim to maintain consistency in the interior style, for an eye-catching and inviting home. We have a passion for the neutral color scheme and high-quality design accessories.


3) Hygge

The Scandinavian decoration originates from the cold north, and maybe that is why Hygge has become such a gamechanger in Scandinavia. The focus of feeling good is present in every corner of a Scandinavian home: the candlelights, the soft textiles, the comfort foods combined in the stringent clean-lined design. 


We know the brands, the market, and the style; let us help you create your own Scandinavian home.

About the Founder


My name is Linda, and I am the founder of Norlii. I am a born and raised Scandinavian. I lived in Raleigh, NC, for five years and loved it.


My goal is to bring the essence of the cleanlined Scandinavian style that focuses on nature and cozyness to the warm and embracing US. It's a perfect match. 


Warm regards, 

Linda Hasselbalch

Master of Arts in Danish Culture



Founder Linda Hasselbach