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Norlii is a bimonthly Scandinavian Subscription Box shipping directly from Scandinavia. We bring you the original Scandinavian design at an excellent price. The boxes are carefully curated with modern home decor and lifestyle accessories. You will experience items that are difficult to get your hands on in the US.


The Scandinavian style is simple and minimalistic and reflects nature significantly. The Scandinavian lifestyle is copied all over the world and the Scandinavians are at the very top of the UN's list of the happiest people in the world!  So why not look to this region for inspiration.

Norlii came to life in July 2018 because Scandinavian design and lifestyle are tricky to find on the U.S. Market.  And even when you do find some on a website somewhere, it can be daunting to pick out items. How do you start to get that Nordic feeling? Norlii helps you to create beautiful and functional areas in your home and to understand the unique lifestyle by regularly curate a beautiful box of original Scandinavian design and lifestyle items. 


The name "Norlii" is the phonetic spelling of the Danish word 'Nordlig.' It translates into Northern. This geographical location we believe is the DNA of the Scandinavian style and lifestyle: the simplicity, the love of nature, the admiration of light, the hygge and the coziness.


Let your Norlii journey begin now; we'd love to have you on board. 

About the Founder


My name is Linda, and I am the founder of Norlii and a born and raised Scandinavian.  I have lived in Raleigh, NC for five years and loved it.   One thing I missed though is the Scandinavian aesthetics. Mostly I missed it in home decor when I need to refresh my home, but also the fresh and green wellness products, the organic gourmet snacks and the casual and elegant fashion.   I looked everywhere for a store that understood my need for minimalist designs, the basic references to nature and the high quality of every item I bring to my home.  Scandinavia has so much to offer in home decor, wellness products, snacks, clothes, accessories, etc. I love the style, and I want people in the US to be able to experience it. My goal is to bring the essence of Scandinavia to the warm and embracing US.  It's a perfect match.  


Warm regards, 

Linda Hasselbalch

Master of Arts in Danish Culture



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