August Box reviews

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Laughing without an accent: 

"The cutting board is exquisite and delicate. The value of each piece is great. I love Scandinavian simplicity, and I want to adopt a more Scandinavian lifestyle and have less stuff for a more functional and less clutter, and I love the Hygge lifestyle as well. "

"I wish you could feel how delicious and beautiful this board is"

My Subscription Addiction: 

"I really like wooden cheeseboards so this was a quick win for me straight out of the box. I love that it is this really grainy and wonderful oak and the design is minimalistic and clean."


"This tiny marble bowl is pure perfection. Marble plays a big part in our kitchen because my island top is a very old piece of Carrera marble I found in a stranger’s basement on Craigslist. I can’t really afford marble accents unless they are older and secondhand, but I have been collecting smaller pieces to accent my beloved island. At 2.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall, this little bowl somehow still makes a very stately statement on my table, especially when combined with the natural wood of the cheeseboard nearby."

Doing Life with Miranda: 

"You are going to get quality items that you will not find in the US. You cannot go to a local Target and buy these items, which I think is great. Who doesn't want decor items nobody else has." 

"I love it."