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Modern Scandinavian Box

$69.95 -Bimonthly


Our curation will ensure you receive everything that makes a fantastic home. Scandinavia is renowned all over the world for the classic simple style, high quality, and functionality. You cannot go wrong.


In the Norlii Box focus will always be on home accessories, but we will also surprise you with personal accessories like Nordic lotion, Scandinavian pouches, scent candles made in Scandinavia, and much more. Bring out your inner Scandinavian when we take you to Scandinavia with themes like Winter Baths, Hygge, or The Swedish archipelago. All brands are Scandinavian, curated in and sent from Scandinavia. 

A variety of great Scandinavian items featured in Norlii boxes

Bimonthly subscription info: 

This will be the first box in your bi-monthly subscription. After your first box, your credit card will be charged every other month. Your box will ship around the 18th of this month. You can cancel your subscription anytime. Please note, your cancellation request must be received before the 15th of the even months. Cancellation requests after this date will be effective for the next shipment.


Your first box: 


Your first box will be the April box.  The theme is 'Breakfast."  We have included two Nordic bowls. Norlii subscribers love them. You will also receive two tablespoons in stainless steel, coated with black titanium for a sleek look + two 100% linen placemats in extraordinary quality. This box is an absolute treat.

Check our blog out for information about the April box and to check our previous boxes. 


All boxes are curated in Scandinavia to ensure you a wide variety of original Scandinavian designs. We ship from Copenhagen. Please allow 7   days for shipping. It will be worth the wait. 

Norlii April Box: theme is breakfast

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