SNEAK PEEK NO 1 We’ve put together an amazing box for you. Let’s take a little peek into the Norlii April Box. The first item you will find is: Nature plays a significant role in Scandi-style, and in the new Norlii box, you will find: a plant pot on a stand from Bloomingville A PLANT …

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Nordic Happiness

Today , March 20th, it’s international happiness day. It is also the tenth anniversary of the World Happiness Report, published this week. The report uses global survey data to report how people see their own happiness in 155 countries worldwide. The World Happiness Report 2022 reveals a bit of light in challenging times. The Nordic …

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February box is a tribute to harmony, balance and lagom. Norlii February Box inspires to balance While hygge is an important part of the Scandinavian life, I think that beginning of a new year calls for another Scandinavian concept: lagom. Lagom is the Swedish word for “not too much and not too little”; to find …

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