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Come to Crayfish Feast

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Set your table for a crayfish feast using the 'rustic bowls as rinsing bowls.

Nothing says August like a Crayfish Feast in the Swedish Archipelago (Svenska skärgården). This August box takes you to there. The long summer night-promise of the Swedish Archipelago that the sun never sets completely combined with a traditional Crayfish Feast is the theme of this month's box. Set a simple and unique table outdoor and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. We sincerely hope you will enjoy it.

The Swedish Archipelago

30.000 islands scattered around the long coast of Sweden makes the Swedish Archipelago. The islets and islands break the waves from the sea and protect the coast from harsh weather and rough sea. Thousands of small islands with no or sparse vegetation, raw and bare rocks blend with larger, forested islands for a picturesque setting.

The Swedish Archipelago

The brand featured in this month's box is House Doctor. Their philosophy is that "the time is right for mixing elements rather than trying to match them" Creating a personal style in the design is essential to the Scandinavian born brand — a Nordic touch to everyday life.

Set your table for a crayfish feast using the 'rustic bowls as rinsing bowls. Keep the napkins nearby and decorate the table with the subtle yet noticeable vase. We have added bamboo spoons to give a warm natural color to the table. The look is casual and elegant and will surely make an eyecatching dining table decor.

Box content in August box Four Bowls/ $25 Four Napkins/ $44 Glass vase/ $20 Spoons/ $11

The tradition of crayfish feast traces back to the Middle Ages. But the form of the feast we know today goes back to the 19th century when the crayfish became a very popular delicacy in Sweden. Due to the intensive hunting of the Swedish river crabs, regulations only permitted fishing these after August 8th. The release of the fishing encouraged the population to celebrate their favorite dish in this month.


The crayfish are boiled in water with added salt and dill. Enjoy the shellfish cold and pour a drink of snaps to go along. Most often the only side dish to the crayfish is the traditional knækbrød and some mayo. Since crayfish are eaten with your bare hands, have a big napkin nearby. Enjoy a tasteful dinner.

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