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The Danish word hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) roughly translates as “coziness,” but it really is a state of mind. Winter is perfect for homey, warm hygge and happiness. Candlelights, comforting foods, and warmth are the cornerstones of making a hyggelig setting. This box will set you up for a good long hygge moment to relax and refill your batteries.

Warm Winter box

  • Mug and Tray

    ‘Nordic Coal’ handmade mug and small tray are from Broste Copenhagen . The beautiful deep and dark glazing varies in intensity and expression to give a unique and personal appearance on the table or kitchen shelf. 
    Approx value: $27


    Scented light

    Flamma is the Swedish word for ‘flame.' The scented candle encaptures the magnetic fireside glow
    Approx value: $23


    Organic Tea

    NuTe is a Scandinavian tea brand, creating tea blends of both classic and new combinations with character and distinction.  For this box, we have chosen a traditional Indian chai with a Scandinavian addition inspired by the Nordic landscape.
    Approx value: $15.


    Long Spoon

    The modern expression of the natural brass makes the spoon a beautiful decor for your 'hygge' moment and a great addition to any kitchen or bar.
    Approx value: $12



    Handcrafted organic marshmallows with the classic flavor of natural vanilla and the traditionally Scandinavian chewiness. 
    Approx value: $10



    Beck Söndergaard offer accessories that will surprise you and make you happy when you wear them. Beware: these socks will instantly make you a footie.

    Color: Red or Black
    Approx value: $10


    All items are high end and original designs and will individually make great gifts. 

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